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KCCC GROUP is a manufacturing holding established in 1997 and is based on the principles of quality and innovation according to European standards.

The Company's infrastructure is a chemical production cluster consisting of several companies and having representative offices in more than 50 regions of Russia.

The Company's divisions are leaders in their segments, known and loved by consumers, each has its own bright face, excellent reputation and has an individual character.

We are working to provide the world with modern, environmentally safe and effective chemicals.
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Quality and manufacturability
Quality control at all stages of production
  • Control of all incoming raw materials.
  • Control of certificates, markings.
  • Double analytical control of each batch of the finished product for compliance with the specification (from the reactor and from the storage warehouse).

The laboratory is certified in accordance with Russian legislation.

It uses modern high-precision equipment from the world's best manufacturers.

Focusing on new European trends and growth drivers, we are constantly intensifying production and mastering new types of products.

Our accumulated knowledge allows us to create highly effective products that can really solve complex problems.